When I can’t travel back home, this is what I made to satisfy my cravings! Vegan…

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When I can’t travel back home, this is what I made to satisfy my cravings! Vegan Mee Rebus😋 – A bite of this immediately brought me back to my time in Malaysia❤️. Recipe is now live Food52 website.⁣

Most of the recipes I share are inspired by food that I missed the most from home, either at kopitiam, restaurants, or street food. This vegan mee rebus is no different and it’s one of my husband’s favorite meals to get every time he visits home. It’s a noodle dish in gravy made from sweet potatoes and aromatic spices blended until the flavors meld. It’s spicy, sweet, and tangy in a bowl. Paired with simple ingredients such as fried cruellers, tofu, chile and sometimes boiled potatoes. It’s always a debate if I should get mee rebus or mee Jawa for breakfast – so many options to choose from.⁣

Cooking notes:⁣
– Yellow fresh noodle is the best in this recipe, just blanch/cook as directed. If you can’t find these, dried noodles will work.⁣
– Yellow curry powder blend or sambal works great. You can use curry powder blend such as baba’s⁣
– If you prefer a less sweet version, you can sub a portion of sweet potato with potato or adjust the palm sugar. The gravy made with potato will be lighter in color.⁣

I hope you give this dish a try and let me know if you have any questions. Best, WoonHeng 韵馨❤️⁣
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